Anger, Anxiety & Addiction Live Event



Sunday, December 6th 2020



Even the best and most passionate of us will one day bump into past trauma and find ourselves self-sabotaging our lives through self-inflicted wound behaviors.

Like flying off the handle and scaring some people around you, frequently getting wasted, having an affair, and/or isolating more and more. The list is long.

Don’t you want to know why? And if you could, wouldn’t you want to heal those inner lacerations and fractures so you can take off again safely without the fear of a crash and burn?

Gil & Beth have experienced all those things that were just mentioned. As leaders of organizations that greatly influenced people around the world they encountered in themselves what tends to be left hidden in the dark amidst secrets and whispers. Their talent saw their careers experience G-force velocity that rocketed them to rare heights—then they noticed their own personal growth didn’t keep up—and the fall, without parachutes, was beyond painful and costly.

Gil & Beth came out off all of this with crystal clear perspective and lessons learned that made all the difference in their comebacks. If you’re up for it they’ll take you to the gym. Not to get ripped outwardly—but inwardly. Where it really matters.

Get your gear and come along. This will be the best time for you as Gil & Beth help prepare you for an amazing 2021.


*** Your confidentiality is important to us. This Event is not a Zoom Conference—it’s a Livestream Event and you can participate through our anonymous Chat or Chat Room where you can ask questions and we will answer them at the end of each session.

The archived resale version of the Event will only include video and not any of your comments, questions, or answers.


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