“I came so you could live the truth life—a life beyond your wildest dreams.”

-Jesus, John 10:10

Meet Gil & Beth

Gil and Beth show people how spiritual truth can help you heal from emotional pain resulting in personal transformation.

Gil is a highly skilled Pastor who raised up two megachurches in Colorado and Beth is known around the world as a top flight psychologist, trauma expert, and gifted healer. Together they inform and inspire people to recycle and repurpose their lives through the currency of a healed life from breakups & divorce, addiction, failure, loss, and change. Tune in for regular live broadcasts and the opportunity to dive deeper into small groups and one on one transformation!

Gil Brody Jones

Spiritual Speaker, Teacher & Writer

Gil started and helped grow what are now the two largest churches in Colorado history—suburban and urban. In the 4 years between these projects Gil partnered with the consulting firm RSI to help non-profits raise over $400M as well as being the CEO of Leader’s Challenge, a high school leadership development initiative based in Denver. He’s spoken to hundreds of thousands of people and as a result has helped people all over the world experience life-giving transformation and change so they can wildly do life and do it well.

Beth Jones

Trauma Expert, Teacher, & Healer

Beth Jones completed a Master’s Degree in Educational Psychology and an Educational Specialist Degree in school psychological services at the University of Minnesota. Beth was the Co-founder of Quantum Techniques, and is now the founder of Healing Solutions as well as its Lead Practitioner & Trainer, helping people heal all over the world.

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