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The best 29 Minutes of your week takes place on FACEBOOK LIVE ON THE GIL AND BETH PAGE every Friday night (don’t worry if you can’t make it as Gil & Beth package it and put it on the Website so you can listen anytime over the weekend!).

This is a spiritual shot in the arm to help you identify an emotional, relational, or spiritual fracture in your life and learn how to overcome it.



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It’s a Gamechanger. Here are just a few comments:


Gil Brody Jones Real & Raw is the only way to go.

Donnie S.Subscriber

you have no idea how much that means to me. Beth and I are committed to the path God laid out for us and obviously a lot of the time we’re dipping deep into some hairy subjects. Thanks for doing this alongside us.

Rick R.Subscriber

Keep bringing it GBJ!

Lori G.Subscriber

Love Love Love your writing, Gil!

Alec C.Subscriber

My wife and I have such great conversation after these! Thank you Beth and Gil!

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