Someone was talking about how God is a punishing King and Beth and I missed the mark because we don’t know our Bibles. We get that take so we wanted to make sure you know you’re in good and safe hands when you’re part of our Christ-centered kind, loving, and growing community.

Here’s our heartbeat—because it’s God’s heartbeat full of amazing grace and truth:

Jesus relentlessly loved on notorious sinners—he never punished them. Here is a partial list of who he lavishly poured out his love to:

•Embezzlers (Zacchaeus—Luke 19:1-10).

•People Who Sleep Around On Their Spouses (Woman Caught In Adultery—John 8:1-11).

•Hookers (Sinful Woman Who Poured Perfume On Jesus’ Feet—Luke 7:36-50).

•The Demonically & Wickedly Possessed (Mary Magdalene and Friends—Luke 8:2).

•Criminals (Thief On The Cross—Luke 23:32-43).

•Wealthy Politicians (Rich Young Ruler—Mark 10:17-31).

•Doubters Of God (Thomas—John 20:24-29—and A Desperate Dad With A Demon Possessed Son—Mark 9:23-25).

•Deniers Of God (The Apostle Peter—Luke 22:54-62).

And Even…

•Betrayers Of God (Jesus called Judas his “friend”—Matthew 26:50).

The only people Jesus got really pissed at were the hypocritical religious elite because they slammed people with the fear of punishment if they didn’t behave perfectly in line with the Rules of the Talmud (Matthew 23:1-34).

Jesus said those arrogant religious a-holes should go grab a few very heavy rocks, tie them around their necks, then take a long walk off of a short plank (Luke 17:1-2)

Jesus never said that to outright sinners—he accepts and loves them (us) with an ocean of compassion and care while setting the religious jerk straight (Luke 8:9-14).

Since Jesus is the perfect imprint of God (Hebrews 1:3) then per Jesus’ own words God is “gentle and humble of heart.” (Matthew 11:28-30).

Thank goodness or we’d all be toast.

All grace and power of God to all of us. -GBJ

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